Choose an Experienced Toledo, Ohio Attorney to Campaign on Your Behalf

When you need a lawyer in your corner, choose Kendall Legal Services. We've practiced for seven years in the Toledo area, and have the knowledge and experience you need to successfully navigate the court system with assistance in:

Family Law
Family law covers a broad range of cases involving marriage and children. Kendall Legal can help you mediate divorce, child custody, spousal support and more.

Criminal Defense
Even nonviolent criminal convictions will leave a black mark on your record. Keep yourself out of even more trouble with the assistance of attorney Laurie Kendall.

If a ruling was made in error of the law, you may be eligible to appeal a guilty conviction. Consult with a Toledo expert to determine the best track to take for your case.

Veterans Claims
If you're a veteran that filed a claim through the VA and got less than satisfactory benefits, we can help. Appeal the decision to get better benefits with Kendall Legal Services.

No matter your legal issues, Kendall Legal Services can help. Schedule a consultation to discover the best approach to handling your case today!